Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Words boggle my brain and scrabble up all these feelings that I wish were as easy as playing apples to apples.

She has just mown the lawn.

Yes. Mown is a word.

She has mowed the lawn.

Who is the authority to declare if she has either mowed it or mown it? Obviously not the girl who mowed/mown the lawn.


Now how in the world am I supposed to know this word. I don’t know anything about boats. You’re lucky you’re good looking or this word would have pissed me off, landing the J on a double word score.

You know what also makes me mad? Synonyms.

What is the difference between the word bothered, mad, upset, angry, disappointed, or even ticked off? They are all in the thesaurus hanging out with each other ready for a tagged team wrestling match where one word goes in for another word just to defeat another word.

For instance. In a match against mad and disappointed..Mr. Disappointed drop kicks Mad in the face. With a feeling of shock and bewilderment. There’s no tag teaming when it comes to the word sorry.

If Mad was a person he would be a big fat guy with a red face. But, if Disappointed was a person he would be a small child with a tear on his cheek. Yet, the child defeats the fat man?

Now, what about the word chaos? It personified as an eight headed creature.

Words simply amaze me with the their simplicity and their complexity.


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