Friday, November 21, 2008


I truly believe that today was the most perfect day. The day that beat all the other days. The day that made all week disappear and only this day mattered. The day that if you asked me how my week was, I would say AMAZING because all my memories went back to this day. That was the kind of day I had.

So, I learned from my crappy timed writing score today that I have to backup everything with concrete detail. So, here it is(:

I wake up at 8 o'clock and I had a blue light. I love having that blue light. Thank you. Went to school at 9. Mr. Rylaarsdam wasn't even in class so I sat there watching Alison playing snake on gmail. Then T.A. was funny cuz during passing period 2 kids were running and full on collided and the girl had a huge bump on her head and was crying and had to go home. So, I felt important because I got to bring Ms. Gibb the wheelchair. That was my one heroic act of the day. Then afterschool this was where the adventure ALLL began.

Rachel and I decided against the dodgeball tournament, so we chose to go lunch instead. We went to her house to pick up money from her dad, he gave her a $20 and said this was for our lunch, that made us 2 very happy people. So, we went to costco we each got a slice of pizza, a churro, and a drink total nearing $7
Then we got in the car and we decided to go to the Barnes n Noble in Fullerton to be intellectuals and sit back and read. But, as we were driving in that direction, I asked if we could stop by my elementary. AND WE DID.
I had to visit my two favorite teachers. Mrs. Shimizu was pregnant! She was sooooo adorable, and her first words she uttered were, "IS THAT TARA MILLSPAUGH?? IS SHE A GIRL??" and I hugged her for a good minute. It felt amazing. The baby is going to be named Zachary and he is due in a week! I can't wait for her to come to my graduation and have him there. Then we waited till my all time favorite teacher Ms. Ruei came back from a meeting and she had to stare at me until her mind comprehended who I was. I held that hug for a good minute too, wishing to go back to 4th grade. She was so proud of me, I could tell. She still thinks I am the smartest and best student and was sad I wasn't applying to Harvard to become a scientist. (yes a scientist) I missed her so much. If there was any time I wished I had a car was now just so I could go afterschool and help her teach her 1st graders and 2nd graders, just so I could be in a classroom again with her. She created me. She was the one who gave me my big head and told me I could accomplish anything. My one true motivator and my one true mentor. If anything I will forever give credit to this woman. Mrs. Shimizu and her were the ones who took me 2 days after 6th grade graduation to Rainforest Cafe and then Build a Bear to pick out a Monkey named Harvard. Wow.

Another day I'll describe the love affair Rachel and I witnessed.

After leaving Lord Baden Powell, Rachel and I decided to go to the Barnes n Noble in Long Beach off of 2nd street. But before that we stopped by seven 11 to get candy and slurpees. We spent nearly $6 there. Now we have only about $6 and change left over from the $20.

So, Rachel and I were merely walking around judging all the books by their covers. Because based on these pictures I took of some book titles, please tell me if you are not judgmental as well.

Unwrap me? thanks. And if you're still doing it after 60 good for you, just don't share it with us. For the handjob handbook this really isn't necessary. Imagine if someone actually bought this book. The checker outer person would either give you an intriguing look or a look of disgust. Either situation it's just going to end awkwardly. As for the contemplating divorce. IF YOU BUY THIS BOOK, then you have a major problem that this book isn't going to fix.

While we continued looking around at books, we picked up a small hardback titled 2,001 things to do before you die. We turned to a random page and the first one we read was "face the people in the elevator" we thought this was so cute. And then the freakiest thing in the WORLD happened. The second bullet we read says.

Roll down you windows and shout "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore"

The irony of this was impeccable. We literally gasped for air and just stood there in disbelief. Rachel and I have already done this and from that second we knew we wanted to buy the book for Mr. O because he would truly appreciate the book just as much as we did. But, books are expensive and we only had 6 bucks and change left. The guy rang up the price and it was 5.98 but with rachels card it was $5.64. WE HAD ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY THE BOOK! So there we were. Broke. But completely happy. We borrowed a highlighter and sat there going through all 2,001 things to do before you die and highlighting any of the ones that pertained to us or Mr. O. I can't even explain how much fun it was.

Today was truly a rollercoaster of emotions. From hunger, to satisfied, to nervous, to antsy, to nastalgic, to hilarity, to coincidences, to perfection. Ahh, I really needed today.

A thing to do before YOU die.

Write if only I had ______ on a piece of paper and flush it down the toilet.


minsurk said...

Handjob handbook? That's like trying to teach someone how to be horny. In any case, the cover is horrible. They could've just put an old couple talking to each other at the park.

kimlypv said...

i have that book.

ms. tara said...

Kimlyy!! Don't be gross..and that's slightly odd minh.