Thursday, November 20, 2008

You're so smart, you're dumb.

I figured my blog name needs some explaining. So, today in choir Athena head butted me. This didn't really come as a shock so I asked her why she was being a rhinoceros? But, instead of correctly pronouncing the huge horned creature I called Athena a rhinocesaurus. Kinda like a tyrannosaurus. After she laughed at me she had to reteach me how to say that word, and I stayed in disbelief for the rest of the period. Right now, I'm saying it out loud to myself and it still sounds so weird. It was an honest mistake. I bet there was a dinosaur that resembled a there! that's my argument.

My other reason for this blog name was because the other ones that came to mind seemed irrelevant. other options were:

That was not in the job description. (mr. hodges said this today and i thought it was cute)
The writings of a hopeless romantic. (i decided against this because i don't want to be referred to as hopeless)
The tahitian flower. (this is the name of my body wash)
I just got lucky. (no reason needed)
The elastic mind. (too philosophical for my own good)

So, I come back to "blog" because I sense that when I go away to college this is going to keep me sane.
be prepared for masterpieces, duds, and rants but all the truths from the pink rhinocesaurus.


kimlypv said...


you called me a hopeless romantic last's not so bad.

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