Monday, February 9, 2009


these 3 beautiful beautiful words came screeeching out my mouth probably about 103 times on Sunday February 8th, 2009.

When Mr. Stevens insulted me.
When Anaoshak couldn't get the ring off my finger.
When Mr. O took my hiking backpack down from the car.
When Siena wouldn't give me a lifesaver.
When Jake sent me a rude txt.
When my Mom didn't want to take me to the bank.
AND last but not leastt SHOUTING it on the top of my lungs when Anaoshak wanted me to walk through a puddle.

It's impressive how much better people treat you when you say it's your birthday. I mean I am treated quite well.. BUT YOU GET THINGS on your birthday for no reason. really shouldn't my mom be receiving the gifts? she did all the work 18 years ago, not me. I just brought her pain when I was backwards inside her belly. But i'm not complaining(:

I had 3 birthdays in 1 year. I don't know if many people can say that.

The best boyfriend in the whole world took me to CASPIAN which is an exotic Persian restaurant. It was my dream come true. Attractive middle eastern men everywhere, with my very own prince across the table from me. We had belly dancers and the most delicious food known to all white Americans. Then we walked out onto this lake and sat down under the overhang while it drizzled above us. I was with him at midnight(= i love him so much.
Hike hike hike. cupcakesss from my best friendd. we hiked INSIDE clouds. Mr. Stevens is my hero. I love that man. It was an easy hike for my birthday(: I took a nap with my boyfriend. Then had a family party with cake and icecream and 18 candles. (I lit them myself) hehehe. Then barnes and noble in my sophisticated magenta trench coat and finishing off the day with pick up stix.
I had a nightmare that night. But, we wont talk about that.
OHOP! original pancake house. It was delicious, a perfect day to have banana pancakes while it was raining outside. Yes, the song did influence my pancake choice. Then movies with my best friends in the entire world. Ladies, each of you mean soooo much to me in your own special way, it's incredible. Thank you for spending the day with me.

Tara is a very lucky 18 year old. Not because she can now smoke, have sex, and doesn't have a curfew. But, because she has a one of a kind boyfriend, impeccable friends, and received 51 facebook notifications the day of her birthday. Not to mention all the cards I received from my family and relatives that pretty much say I am amazing.

Happy Birthday Tara!