Saturday, April 18, 2009


I learned a lot about myself and others these past few days.

I am going to college not for the parties or the people. I could care less if I only make a few close friends. I don't want to be invited to parties, that doesn't intrigue me at all.

People dissapoint me. Even the people I love the most dissapoint me, and it makes it even harder to accept. I guess you can only trust yourself, and promise yourself you won't dissapoint yourself. If that makes any sense. It just makes me so mad to have that mentality.

I have realized since I have been through so much shit through my life already, it can only get better. I will be able to control what I do with my time, money, and love. I have felt alone, I have been deceived, I have been so low, but I won't allow it anymore. There is so much to life and it' s only up to you to live it up.

I have become very cynical towards people and situations. I haven't given up on them yet, but I have just grown more aware. More aware of the ugliness.

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