Tuesday, May 12, 2009

He kept his word

I received this email from alazypersian@gmail.com on October 9th 2006.

"ill make you fall in love with me again


Although reading this again, it sounds more of a threat then a passionate promise, it sent chills down my spine to realize that the boy I'm in love with right now was the one who wrote this three years ago.

and 5 months into our new and improved relationship i'm so happy he never gave up on his love for me. I'm so lucky.

I love you Anaoshak. Happy Anniversary.


kimlypv said...

that is so ridiculously cute.
it makes me so happy!!

you don't even understand.

RachelB said...

what's even cuter is that you kept that email (= happy anniversary you two!!!

Rona said...

love is forever (: