Monday, August 31, 2009

3rd night

okay before i start to vent, first i'm going to do a pluses and minuses chart

practically 80% white
gorgeous men
freedom to eat what you want
sleep at anytime you want
a lot of people, so if you get sick of someone..go hang out with someone else
very good professors so far
really really nice gym andd free!

boys don't acknowledge you unless you are wearing short shorts n tight shirts
campus is so huge i already have blisters on my feet
i don't have snacks
i have only met one genuinely nice guy so far, and that's cuz he has a gf and is not just trying to hook up with me
everyone is high or drunk when it hits 8:00 pm
i already arrived 30 minutes late to a class of 20 students on my first day of class
I left without saying bye (i'm so sorry, you know who you are)
my roomates boyfriend is super ugly
already had a alcohol poisoning incident, a drug bust, and an arrest just in my hall
every morning i wake up and am so angry that i'm still here

i guess that was my sort of roomate just walked in, guess it's time to go to bed.

screw college.

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