Sunday, August 16, 2009

I am not Pro America

I made a new friend today. Her name is Michella. She has only been in America for 3 weeks and leaves Monday. After hanging out with her at the beach all day, I proceeded to ask her a million and one questions.

Michella is from Italy but works in Rome and goes to school in Rome. Me being the nerd asked her how the school system was in Rome, and she said it was awful. Since there are so many people in Rome and they don't want to decline anyone from an education, in each lecture hall there are only 70 seats for 200 students. She used to have to go to school an hour early to get a seat but now she gladly just sits on the floor for 2 hours. This made me mad.
She works at a restaurant but in the European culture, they don't tip. So, she gets noooo tip after serving like 100 tables a day. This also made me mad.
She has already bought 5 pairs of jeans cuz Levi's over there are $150 a pair. yikess..i told her to buy like 50 pairs and go black market them over in Europe..but I forgot that's kind of illegal. oh well.
I had to ask the most cliche question, and ask if the men over there are perfect? and she said, compared to here they are like Gods. hehe. she then went on to explain to me that the guys in America are nothing in comparison to her tall dark and handsome European men, which made me kind of sad...
When I asked her about the Vatican and meeting the Pope, she waved her hand, made a smug look, and said "no, not interest me."

so even though she kept saying America is the land of opportunity. I took the opportunity to say no it's not(:
Although Europe may have its flaws, I want to go there. SOOOO BADLY. I wish Michella could hide me in her suitcase

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jessica said...

I love American...but as a girl who has lived there, Europe is sooo much better ;)