Sunday, October 4, 2009

a broken slinky

as i was taking the elevator back up to my dorm about 20 minutes ago, i literally said "holy fuck, I don't want to be here"

even though san diego is only 2 hours away, it might as well be cross country. going home and seeing family and friends made me feel so loved. i love being loved. gahhhhhhhh. Tara, you can do this.

good thing I didn't go to Chicago.

The pineapple never tasted sooooo sweet. <3

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Susie Ellis said...

I moved from San Diego to Chicago and thought I was going to die of the cold. I had a VW van that changed lanes of its own accord on Lakeshore Drive because of the wind. Love your 'writings of a rhinoceros' name. I lead a conservation group called International Rhino Foundation. We get alerted to anything posted with 'rhino' in it. Anyway, good luck. You will always miss San Diego, but at least you've gone east of I-5. For some of my childhood friends a huge accomplishment...