Sunday, September 27, 2009

Harold and Kumar

So, yesterday was probably my biggest adventure of all time.
I hopped on the tram in the general direction of UCSD. Got off at the tram station. Asked which bus took me to University of San Diego. (see a problem?) Got on Bus 40. got off in front of USD. uh oh. wrong University. Called Amelia who came to my rescue and took me to UCSD. then spent the entire day with Priya, Vishal, Albert, and Raghav. SOOO much dang fun. never a dull moment even when we sat at a bus stop for 20 minutes till we finally realized that that bus didn't run on the weekends. Raghav didn't eat anything but a waffle all day, and Vishal only had a granola bar, so they were starving. It took us 2 hours to get to Islands, but once we got there it was sooooo worth it. We feasted like kings!!

Then we made it back to campus and explored the Graffiti hallway and found the BIG CHAIR(:

i loveddd seeing familiar faces and finally shared stories that we all could relate too.

I'm coming home next weekend!
it's been 5 weeks since i've been home. i think that's long enough for me to be an adult. here i comee mommma!!!