Friday, November 20, 2009

note on the door

i'm pretty sure within the next ten years, i will be diagnosed as being bipolar. I wish i was joking. This disease runs in my family very heavily and it's pretty obvious why. After my roommates pageant I was so happy, I was laughing, making jokes with all my friends, but then I walked back to my room and everything changed. I have had this ongoing headache for this whole week and took the most incredible nap today, i hope i'm cured.

but anyway. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me. I have good friends here, i have a lot of food, i have my own bed, but gah damn i can be so unhappy sometimes. Anyway, after reading and moping around for a good hour and a half i finally get my lazy ass to take a shower. After my shower is complete, my RA (Leanna) says that she left a note on the door for me and we say goodnight and leave the restroom.

I was expecting a little hello on my whiteboard, but instead I got a handwritten note taped to my door folded up so it's only for my eyes. It asks me how i am and how my classes are. Then she says, you are not alone, if you ever need anyone I am a great listener :D

Thank you Leanna, you may have just saved a young girl from having bad dreams tonight. Sleep well my friend.

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