Monday, November 16, 2009

why do it?

i'm very lucky to have found my little group of friends here at sdsu who are absolutely amazing influences on me. we can actually sit around and talk about politics, God, the end of the world, parallel universes, movies, literature, and not once mention a party where we got "shitfaced." i always had a problem with drinking because of my brothers, but now, i oppose it so much that it physically hurts me when i hear about how many people on a daily basis abuse this substance. why can't we enjoy drinking? don't binge drink, or just drink to get drunk. I hate alcohol because the way people use it, that doesn't mean when I'm 21 i won't drink, i actually plan on it, but please children, only a few more years to wait, what's the hurry?

maybe the black sheep just wanted to be like the blue sheep.

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kimlypv said...

I totally agree with this. I'm glad I don't need alcohol to have fun. It just never had a huge appeal to me.