Sunday, January 11, 2009


Lately, I have felt inadequate.
I can't ski. I can't snowboard. I can't cook. I suck at math. I suck at shooting games. I suck at school. I can't sing. I definitely can't dance. I can't play an instrument. I can't even spell the word can't easily because my keyboard is messed up so every time I write an apostrophe it comes out as ''''''''''''''' AND I have to delete those extra 15. BUT.

TODAY, I felt accomplished! I felt adequate. I felt snow down my back. And I felt fear. I tasted fear. I saw fear in the eyes of the hiker who was flailing down the mountain. Who had absolutely no control over himself, but mother nature took its course and luckily padded him with a nice white blanket to stop his fall. I love blankets.

We all looked so good today with our backpacks and boots our beanies and windbreakers, and can't forget our one pair of $15 dollar socks. But, of course, I wore bright colored Barela toe socks. Worked perfectly and kept me happy every time I looked down.

Hiking in the snow keeps me entertained, keeps me cold AND hot. Adds fear and extra excitement. Allows Mr. Cullinane to write Rachel Smells in the snow, and give a perfect camera opportunity to Mr. Ontiveros. It allows ICE CHUNK fights, snow DEMONS, and best of all BURLEYLANCHES.

I also learned, that if you fall in snow, you don't feel as stupid as when you fall in dirt. Either that or it just doesn't hurt as much.

Today, I was a hiker. I have been iniated into this secret society where we all wear silly hats! literally. because I am thinking about Mr. Stevens hat right now. hehehehe


p.s Athena comes back to school tomorrow, just more of a reason to wake up in the

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athena. said...

this is why you are one of my best friends in the entire worlddddd.

that made me so happy. you have no idea. i lovee youuu.