Saturday, January 3, 2009

Epic Campaign

We can be a secret society. And no one else can join, unless they wear funny hats!

I had an absolutely fantastic day. No, let's say, the last 3 days. 3 Magnormously fun days. Definition of magnormous is magnificient and enormous combined, I was referring to Alex's butt when I came up with this word. Anyway.

I got to spend new years with my Persian. Best New Years to date.

Spent all day at the Ontivero's home and even though exhausted from the night before, they gave me energy that I didnt think I had. They are truly an amazing family. That is such an understatement that I am ashamed there is no stronger word to express my love for this family.

Thank you Ontivero's family for making me miss you well before I graduate.

Then today I went sledding! But, the funny thing is it was driving for a good 5 hours, eating for 2 hours, walking for an hour, and then sledding for maybe 45 minutes? goshh. it was SOO darn fun. I had to share a seat belt with BRANDDONN VARGOOO. (kimly I am saying his name like he says my name but only you will understand this reference)
This trip helped me realize... I kinda do like rap music if it has a story to tell. I realized that I unintentially hurt someone I care so much about now, and that I was stupid, and I'm sorry. I realized that sometimes a friend just needs to figure out how to treat a best friend, and no matter how you treat me now I will still be there for you when you need me. I realized that singing 'Jesse's gonna put you in a log cabin" all day, never gets old. I realized that sledding down a hill with someone is 1000x more fun then doing it alone. I realized eating in n out outside in the cold but with friends never tasted sooo good. I realized that sometimes you have to hold on for dear life when you go down a slippery slope, close your eyes, and laugh when you fall off then climb back up the hill and try again.
p.s. i realized after listening to Just Dance 14 times, i am still not sick of the song.

THEN!!! Alex's hangout bonfire. Man, rachels horrific drum playing, kimlys amazing singing, alex's fish feet, and priyas rhythm deficiency truly made my evening fantastic. Fantastic.

W E T H E B E S T DJ KHALED! we the best!

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kimlypv said...

haha, you sound like him.