Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I heard her in the kitchen

I heard her in the kitchen.
The clock showed 5:45
as orange juice was being poured
and eggs were being cooked.

She used to be selfish,
Now she's puts herself second.
Her sleep comes after his,
even if they go to bed at the same time.

I heard her in the bedroom.
The clock showed 6:00
as she woke up her man.
She whispered to me,
"he's not happy."
That was my cue to act like I was asleep.
Didn't want to be a bother.

Back in the kitchen,
bacon was sizzling.
She cooked meat.
She didn't eat meat,
but she cooked it.
For him.

She was proving to him that she was capable,
of being a wife,
a mother,
a fantastic girlfriend.
She was proving to me that she was capable,
of being an adult,
a cook,
a sister to look up to.
She proved to herself that she was capable.

I heard her in the kitchen,
hushing her kitten,
telling him not to bother Daddy.
I knew in a couple years,
I would be hearing the same thing.
Hushing her little baby.

I heard her kiss him goodbye,
hoping that that one kiss would last 10 hours.
I laid with my eyes closed,
as she went back into the kitchen,
poured herself a glass of orange juice,
and started the dishes.


athena. said...

this was amazing...

kimlypv said...

i agree with athena.