Sunday, July 19, 2009

like a movie

After going to SDSU orientation and being split up into our majors, I respectfully introduced myself to the girl next to me. Her name was Hannah. After the seminar we went our separate ways thinking nothing more of each other. After everything was done and we were to meet back up with our parents my mom introduced me to an aunt i haven't seen in 14 years. Then walks up Hannah the girl I sat next to, we say hello then it clicks. SHE'S MY COUSIN. We gave each other veryyy confused looks then we embraced in a ginormous hug, one that you give to people who you haven't seeen in a veryyyy long time, and accepted this new relationship without another question.
Then I realized, I have a beautiful, smart, non partying cousin who is going to my school!! This is a great great start. It should be a movie(:


kimlypv said...

haha. i like this. fate at its greatest.

jessica said...

I love that you equated this to the parent trap...another one of the millions of reasons we are friends :)

rOnaMaGlian said...


and omg that movie is my favorite from my childhood!!!!!!!! i have every line in the movie memorized [;