Saturday, March 21, 2009

Color is everything

Have you ever stopped to appreciate the colors around you? I'm sitting in my dark room right now, but I still see the silvery yellowish light rays piercing through my mini-blinds. Or when Willy lays outside on my porch his orange eyes radiate against the shining sun and makes his entire body have a golden glow. The color of the yellow tulips as they awaken in spring time filling not only the world with color but also my heart as my pupils grow larger trying to take in all of the beauty. Or when Mogley is taking a nap on my sisters bed and his jet black fur blends in with the sheets, and I accidently sit on him because I didn't notice he was there. His dark color is so beautiful, that I can see one tiny piece of white fuzz on his black coat in an instant.

What I'm trying to say, what would the world be like if we had no color, or if we saw no color.

Above all, more than death itself, I would fear to be blind. I think that's why I hate eyeballs so much. When people put eye drops in, it makes me cringe, because our eyes are so precious they are the portals into another world, and it hurts me to see anything drop into them and never to return. Also, our eyes are so delicate, so vulnerable to anything that I want to shield my eyes from everything. I remember when I was doing an art project back in 4th grade and I had to use glitter. I had glitter on my hands and I rubbed my e yes and got a few specks of glitter in my right eye. My stupid sister proceeded to freak out because she just learned that glitter was actually little specks of glass. As I tried to splash water into my eyes and get the shards out and it didn't work, I started to hyperventilate, told my mom to take me to the emergency, and began to cry. Within a few moments of my near heart attack, the tears actually carried the little speckles right out of my eyes. Tears are quite powerful.

Anyway, the reason I am really writing this blog, is because my mom was diagnosed with Glaucoma which is an eye disease. Luckily, as long as she takes eye drops everyday she will not lose her peripheral vision and eventually go blind. But, the eye drops will make my mother's once beautiful light green eyes that were the attention grabbers and compliment getters turn to a dull brown color. This broke my moms heart.

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