Friday, March 27, 2009


Today I did not tie my hair back when the wind was blowing in my face. 
Today I screamed all the wrong words to all the right songs. 
Today I threw an orange peel at my best friend. 
Today I said hello to more doggies than people. 
Today I had on a banana bikini, a banana shirt, and yellow sandals. 
Today I did not let the future even enter my thought. 
Today I allowed the berzey wind to breeze over my body and refused to put a jacket on. 
Today I ate the most delicious icecream. 

Today I went to the beach. 

Today I was free. Free from worry. Free from this constant suffocation that I can't seem to handle lately. Free from this shitty week. Free from everything. 

What will tomorrow bring me? 

1 comment:

RachelB said...

i imagined that word being spelled burzy. but berzey is good too, bc its less like me (= haha i'm glad the beach was incredibly fun!!!!