Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Dear Teachers and Staff

You better call me when you come to San Diego and you can try and convince me to join a Sorority. 

I have the letter you wrote me under my bed. It was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. Thank you. 

I was so excited when I read that, but now I look back and it's just like everyone else's. I thought I was special. 

I am not scared anymore.  Thank you so much. 

You said you loved me. You kissed me on the cheek. You embraced me, just like a proud parent. 

You not being at graduation left a void, an emptiness in my heart and a picture that should have been there. 

You look beautiful in any color. 

You used to be my role model. You used to be someone I respected and would talk to. I wanted what you had. But, now I know that you aren't even really happy and you have shared that with me, and I don't even want to visit you when I come back. 

Your final hug you gave me was the tightest squeeze and you told me this wasn't a goodbye. Enjoy Utah!

Your inspiring words and goodbye speech left me feeling breathless. I love you. 

If only I was better. But, nonetheless if I ever become a teacher I can only dream of becoming half as intelligent and witty as you. 

If I ever become a teacher, I will do everything you failed to do. I promise. 

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