Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So after getting home at 6 am, i had to sleep on the couch cuz my brother was in my bed, but that's okay. I instantly fell asleep but awoke about an hour and a half later completely terrified. I heard a bird screamminggg and flapping for its life, and all i could imagine while my eyes were closed was that one of my kitties got a hold of Fergie, my pet parakeet, and they were going to kill it. I finally sat up and looked to where the noise was comming from and it was Willy slowly killing a baby baby bird. It was so helpless and horrible looking I jumped over the couch, ran into my room, told my brother to go clean it up, and finally fell back to sleep.

But, i think that bird messed with my mind, because the dreams that came after that were SOOOOO bizarre. I actually woke myself up after some of it cuz i didn't like em...and i wrote everything down in my cell phone of what I could remember. So, i am going to share my dreams with you. P.S. I have no idea what anything means, and a lot of it doesn't connect, these are just tid bits i remember:

Kathleen got "sex's" crossed out tattoooed to her stomach. It was like a no drinking sign, but the word "sex's" was x-ed out.

Each graduate got their very own brick to put in the senior square, but Mrs. Smith kept reminding us that if one of the teachers died, because she knew they would, we were not able to change what we wrote on the brick.

I fell asleep during the hypnosis show, so the guy decided to take advantage of it and made me do all the wacky stuff, and i couldn't wake up.

Jake cheated in school and had to repay the school by running around and doing ridiculous errands for everyone, even the students. I felt really bad for him, so I took him to a meeting that let him talk about his addictiveness to cheat and mellissa and april were there, and i just remember hating them, because they were distracting Jake from his meeting.

While driving with Mr. Stevens, Alex was in the backseat, and we drove down a street that there was a KKK parade. I told Mr. Stevens I was scared, but he was determined to go through the street cuz it was a shortcut. The road was blocked so we had to walk outside. Some crazy white woman was shooting everywhere and spelling ARCO into the wall and shot Alex. I got so scared I forced myself to wake up.

After waking up for a bit, I fell back asleep and had one more dream.

There was this partyish thing over someone's house and Matt Schrader was there. I went up to him to start asking about SDSU and how he liked it. *In my dream it seemed like I had liked him for a long time..but i swear i don't. Anyway, I kept talking to him and trying to flirt with him and he invited me to a football game at SDSU.

UGH. i wish i knew what this all meant. It seems like a lot of it connected with friends, graduation, and my future. I'm so excited for everything that is soon to happen. The hugs i received the past few days have made up for every crappy night or day at Oxford.

oh the dreams i dream.

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